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air-cooled welding diesel generator works

Air-cooled welding diesel generator drives the generator running, diesel energy into electricity. In the diesel engine cylinder after the air filter and the filtered clean air spray nozzle spraying a high-pressure diesel fuel sufficiently mixed in the extruder upstream of the piston, the volume is reduced, the temperature rises rapidly, the ignition of diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is ignited, the combustion gas mixture dramatic, rapid expansion of volume, pushing the piston down. Each cylinder according to a certain order of operations, acting on the piston rod thrust into a push through the power of the crankshaft rotation, so as to drive the crankshaft rotation. These are air-cooled welding diesel generator works.

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Air-cooled open diesel generator features

Air-cooled open diesel generator compact design, easy maintenance
Air-cooled open diesel generator for direct forced air cooling, no water pumps, pipes, tanks and other components, cylinder block and cylinder heads for the split, no cooling water sandwich. Simple structure, small size, light weight. There is no leakage, cracking and the formation of scale lead to overheating and malfunction of oil.
Environmental adaptability, high reliability,
Steady state thermal unit, subject to environmental impact small, can work reliably in -40 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ temperature range. Suitable for cold, hot, desert, forests, plateaus, and dryland.
Smooth, low noise, low vibration, low temperature start-up performance
Using optimized damping body, advanced muffler and balance technology, low noise and vibration than the water-cooled machine. Built-engine air heater, the engine cold start performance.
Exhaust emissions, low running costs
Smoke less than a Bosch unit, low fuel consumption.

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Air-cooled and water-cooled generators use what the pros and con

air-cooled open diesel generator and water-cooled open diesel generator merits of comparison, we simply say this:
Heat-generating components of the generator main stator winding, the stator core (hysteresis and eddy current losses) and rotor windings. To make these components issued dissipate heat, efficient cooling measures must be adopted to ensure that the various parts of the generator temperature does not exceed the allowable value.
Turbogenerator in the development process, the development of cooling method has been dominant. It relates to the technical and economic indicators as well as the reliability of the generator is running, so the operation of the various components of the generator cooling quality is very important. For more than 200MW turbine generator and cooling effect is mainly good use of the cooling medium, and the development of the cooling medium is introduced into the body of the carrier guide direct cooling techniques, namely the internal cooling method called windings.
At present, the cooling medium to large generators of hydrogen, water and oil. The basic unit is large: hydrogen cold water, cold water of hydrogen. The basic unit is small: air-cooled open diesel generator, hydrogen-cooled. water-cooled open diesel generator process requirements, the basic idea is that these water circulation inside the motor can not drip. Slight leakage would lead to serious consequences. But the advantage is that the effect was significantly higher than air cooling. Of course there is a hydrogen-cooled motor, this advantage is also a good cooling effect. But the drawback is dangerous, easy to fire and explosion. The final air-cooled conventional cooling methods. Of course, now with the quality of the stator bars and silicon steel lamination process improvement. Some medium-capacity units have been able to use air cooling technology. Friction is small, heat a small, air-cooled technology can be developed.

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Minor agriculture machinery development

Our minor agriculture machinery development, from small to large, from weak to strong, both in the development of human society or in the evolution of the natural environment, have almost become the norm. Referring to the agricultural machinery, we also tend to focus on large-scale agricultural machinery and equipment, research and overall agricultural development, which is understandable, because the large-scale production can significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency, but, given China's actual agricultural production environment and basic Agricultural production, I think, minor agriculture machinery in agricultural production, the role can not be ignored. In 2010 the State Council issued "on the promotion of agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery industry fast development of views" have mentioned: the promotion of hills and mountains in the south lightweight, durable, low income and small and medium sized farming plant protection machinery, hills and mountains main propulsion grain and oil crops and characteristics of agricultural production mechanization; increase irrigation and drainage equipment upgrading and accelerate water-saving irrigation equipment and small drought promotion, improve irrigation and drainage equipment and equipment level. In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture recently deployed a 2011 agricultural development objectives and tasks, which issued a 2011 Agricultural Mechanization specific objectives: integrated mechanization level of crop farming income increased by 2 percentage points to about 54%; raise the level of mechanization of rice planting 3 percentage points , reached 23%; corn machine income levels increase 5 percentage points, reaching more than 30%; complete subsoiling area of 14,830 acres, the new implementation of conservation tillage area of 1,500 acres, the training of new farmers 100 million purchase. To accomplish this goal requires not only large agricultural machinery and equipment in which play a crucial and significant role of small and even micro agricultural machinery should also play the role of complement and assist in them. Looking back at history, we can say the size of agricultural machinery or not, our country is related to rural land policy. In the last century, 50-60 years, the country established a number of state-owned collective farms and rural cooperatives, intensive land resources, the demand for agricultural machinery is mainly biased large agricultural machinery, household contract responsibility as the 1970s implementation of the system, minor agriculture machinery demand for gradually warming up, hand agricultural tractors, small four-wheel, tricycle are masterpieces of that era. After 90 years, agricultural production in the economy's status gradually fall, farmers are also reduced investment in agriculture, small agricultural machinery once warming demand also suffered a "cool", as backward, primitive synonymous. Small agricultural producers also face a variety of challenges: can not exist in the government procurement list, lack of marketing and promotional efforts, product quality can not agree with the farmers, coupled with failure to improve after-sales, frequent accidents during use, these factors have limited the development of minor agriculture machinery as well as promotion.


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